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  • Reference: S4A111121373
  • Type: Comm. (4A Financial, Professional & Other Offices)
  • Furnished Type: NA (Commercial, Garage, Site, Plot)
  • Form: NA (Commercial, Garage, Site, Plot)
  • Total Area: 740.00m2

Comm. (4A Financial, Professional & Other Offices) in Birkirkara

Commercial premises in Birkirkara, the central region of Malta.
The property benefits from having access from both a main road and a back road. This dual access offers the possibility of having two independent shops on the main road, which can be advantageous for attracting different customer segments or running separate businesses under one roof.
Additionally, the property's layout allows for flexibility in its use. The spaciousness of circa 540 square meters provides ample room for a shop or showroom that can cover three floors. This setup offers plenty of space for display areas and storage, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the commercial space.
Moreover, the property's versatility extends beyond just commercial use. The offices on the floors above the shops can be accessed separately from the back street, indicating that they can function independently from the retail spaces below. These offices also have the potential to be converted into residential units, offering even more possibilities for the property's utilization.
Given its strategic location with access to both main and back roads and the range of options it offers, these commercial premises appears to be an attractive investment opportunity. Whether you are looking to establish multiple businesses, expand an existing one, or explore mixed-use options, this property seems to have the potential to meet various needs.
This is being offered in shell-form (artistic impressions are created to represent the possible concept).

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