• 50c3aa24-53fb-4d9c-b43c-078d389ab1b7.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • a011091e-e991-4a96-a9c1-ea55d3492706.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 7aeff1a6-96c9-4f6a-a28c-4e6314b7572d.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 2008153b-a1bc-476c-abeb-6201c10af062.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 15239487-73ae-409b-927e-eaae47e00a9d.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • ce0aa64d-742c-4998-8de1-5f81ff41ca5a.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • c8ec4955-a4f0-4417-af45-82e7cba3e887.jpeg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 8a49da20-b600-404f-8abd-7aba5c4d3840.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • a90774dc-d7a5-4fea-80f0-be72673809d6.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 629a4bc3-5f6d-4ce1-82f5-dc3aeaf526db.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • c82ca2ef-4d59-4438-b713-68c2e0f61cdf.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • c90780d5-cddd-4528-ae7f-63b70cc8f7e4.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • ffed831e-033e-4487-9154-139ce4fb38e1.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • c2b874b9-1c58-4aa9-896d-3f035fe7d0fc.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 25ba0a43-d36a-47c5-be90-43a5a69c6079.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 96ebbf96-724b-4fcc-9d4f-12d65c112e3c.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 2dc0e6d5-4995-4997-915b-419d63789e7b.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 46eb06b1-db71-4276-bc19-ff8f0d9109bb.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • ab9ad9a0-dd40-4c8b-bb2b-5f6dfa29bfec.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 7beb217a-074c-4ad1-b7a3-f8ca70be48d7.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 999924cf-da92-4e69-a18a-f260516c4e9d.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 268311d7-ea32-4613-90d3-b386e2294b81.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • c5938dca-b9cb-4330-991c-800095a52b80.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • b6add543-ce48-482c-84a9-0c075d17bb76.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 089c2970-955f-4a45-89fb-9cabb2e49bdf.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 05f90801-5eff-42e3-be33-8f983f37e7e5.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • b39f8b35-ef7a-450d-8a90-e976153f24c0.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • e47cee79-5570-497d-b5bf-31b24c33b1ee.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 27498e58-018e-43de-bf23-9051c3fc1440.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • 576dc4e3-6c4f-46ae-8104-03ad910475c4.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
  • cecc7641-1f64-409e-80d0-1792764c7a04.jpg €150,000 p/year Rent
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  • Reference: LOFF111121494
  • Type: Offices Class 4A
  • Furnished Type: Furnished
  • Form: Converted (Fully)
  • Total Area: 830.00m2

Offices Class 4A in Swieqi

Swieqi - A great opportunity for businesses looking for a large, versatile workspace with a good address. Offering around 830 square meters of space, these premises can accommodate a substantial workforce and various operations or perhaps shared with other businesses. It is currently set up with meeting rooms, micro offices, a kitchen and lounge area for the staff members together with around 200 square meters of storage space which may also be used as office space. The current layout allows for changes which is a a valuable feature as it provides the opportunity to customize the space according to your business's evolving needs. A private entrance on the main street offers added convenience and privacy. Although these premises are easily accessed on foot and by public transport, adequate parking space is crucial for employees and visitors. This lease opportunity is being offered at an asking price of EUR 180.00 per square meter or nearest offer which is very much in line with todays market prices.

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